Use an Ideation Artist to Bring An Idea To Life

Starting with the ideation of new products or product extensions, drawings expand and enhance the ideation process, and also help drive convergence. The drawings refine the “high-interest” ideas for you to take those into focus groups. They make concepts look like a real product as you narrow in on the best concepts.

Services Include:

Quick-Sketch Drawings

Quick-Sketch Drawings are created in real-time during an ideation session as the ideas are being generated by your team. They can depict ideas coming from the team directly or can be ideas that come up out of the conversation.
In other words, the artist can get direction on what to draw and what elements to include or the artist can 
generate ideas that are inspired by the brainstorming. Either way, visuals add dimension to your output by clarifying thoughts in pictures or presenting even more ideas…these in turn, are seen by the team throughout the ideation and the expansion of ideas continues!
product concept drawings

Finished Concept Drawings

Finished Concept Drawings are created after your ideation session. Of all the ideas generated, these are the high-interest ideas that you want to develop further into concepts. With these more detailed drawings, you can make sure that you and your team are on the same page. They can help communicate concepts to people who weren’t part of the ideation, but need to understand how the ideas have taken form. They can be used to bring ideas to groups in your consumer research phase to help them really SEE it! Finished Concept Drawings can be hand-drawn or computer-generated.
product ideation concept drawings

Computer-Generated Illustrations

Computer-Generated Illustrations are created when a concept has to look “more real.” A concept has possibly made it through initial consumer groups and based on learnings, may be closing-in on what this product will really look like. Elements in the illustration can be played-up or down based on what you’d like to call attention to for testing. The degree of reality that they offer can be enhanced with the use of logos and photos.
These illustrations are drawn “from the ground up” in the computer and can be produced in black and white or color.
computer-generated product concept drawing