Bring Your Product Ideas To Life With Drawings

A Visual Artist is a great addition to the ideation team

Can you picture your organization’s next BIG THING?

Holding lively, passionate and fun ideation sessions is how many big ideas get their start. Including a visual artist in your ideation session to produce drawings generated from the conversation is a great way to capture ideas from your team as they happen, while also serving as a great visual record of your session.

Great visuals also help drive innovation by opening the door to unlimited possibilities, quickly communicate ideas and enhance engagement in your ideation participants. All of which helps you get that BIG NEW THING out to the world faster and better!

Illustration Services

Starting with the ideation of new products or product extensions, drawings expand and enhance the ideation process, and also help drive convergence. The drawings refine the “high-interest” ideas for you to take those into focus groups. They make concepts look like a real product as you narrow in on the best concepts.

7 Ways Visuals Will Enhance Your Ideation

When creating new product ideas, it’s important to achieve the best results possible. Understand the top 7 reasons why utilizing drawings and visuals in your ideation sessions can help you achieve better ideation results.

product ideation artist improves process
“Drawings on-the-fly give our team added stimulous to EXPAND the number of ideas that get generated.”Director of Innovation
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